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Inventory Number: 190891
Year: 2004-D Peace Medal
Description: 2004-D Peace Medal JEFFERSON NICKELS Roll (40) BU
Condition: BU
Price: $3.95 
Special Price:   $2.95

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March 2014 Sampler Available

Our March 2014 Sampler (#283) is now available and on our website for viewing.

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2014 Presidential Dollars

Warren G. Harding 2014 Presidential dollars are now available. Single coins are $1.95 and rolls (25) $39.95. Presidential Dollars can be reached by clicking "US COINS" and then "PRESIDENTIAL DOLLARS."

2014 National Parks Quarters

Great Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park (Tennessee), the first of the 2014 P&D National Parks Quarters is now available. National Parks Quarters can be found by clicking on "US COINS" followed by clicking on "NATIONAL PARKS QUARTERS".

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April Coin Market Commentary

We are two thirds of the way through a marathon of Coin Shows consisting of 5 straight weekly shows. First was Collectorama in Lakeland Florida, followed by The Sarasota club show also in Florida, then the just completed ANA event in Atlanta and today we set-up for the Tennessee State show in Chattanooga. Next week will be the Bay State show in Marlborough MA. The pattern we have seen is one of a healthy market with an equal number of dealers and collectors attending the first two Florida shows where bargains were sought but seldom found in anything good. There were several with serious want-lists and they were willing and able to acquire available items. Others with bigger wish-lists were price conscious and often unable to close a deal, many came back after other disappointments. The ANA event was different, there was buzz first day but sales were spotty and mostly wholesale. Day two Friday was a more normal level of business both buying and selling but still not brisk. Saturday which over the last several years tends to start at 11AM or so and end by 1:30. Shows (most) without a Sunday venue wind down as out of town dealers rush to make flights home so they can have Sunday for various obvious reasons at home. This Saturday was different! Early in the week there was the announcement of several old tin cans of a US Gold Coin hoard uncovered in Northern California and publicity kept building to a crescendo as the show progressed, especially since there were several of the best pieces on display at the show and the news media just kept the exposure building. So Saturday’s business started at 10:05 (10AM opening) and continued non-stop until nearly 5PM (show closing 4PM). The interesting and best observation is that contrary to what one would think business was not all about Gold coins. While the publicity attracted curiosity seekers buying an interesting gift, there were people filling in presidential dollars, there were serious type coin buyers, there were Morgan and Peace dollars collectors and yes there were gold coin buyers followed by silver and gold bullion buyers. While I would disagree with the flag waving and promotion if I were representing such a client, it certainly is a benefit to the hobby to have such national publicity. My reasoning here is that no one knows what the true origin of the hoard is and it would be very easy for someone or some entity to step forward and make claims either real or false and tie these folks up in court for years. There has already been a great deal of conjecture about a San Francisco mint employee that was arrested and convicted for stealing about $30,000 from the mint around 1900. The claim has been made that there were coins early coins from Eastern mints that would not be there. Well, remember that many of the prospectors most likely came from the eastern gold rush as it petered out and there was new opportunity in California. So why wouldn’t an astute mint director who wished to assemble a cabinet of coins for posterity add those items to his mostly “S” mint hoard. On the other hand, they could have come from a bandit, a miser or a serious collector or even a wealthy hermit, who knows. But silence is golden!

Weekly Coin Market Commentary

We are again seeing weakness in the precious metals sector this week, even with Russian troops moving into Eastern Ukraine! It seems Putin is willing to talk about it in Geneva. So the world looks on as he positions troops and says Ho Hum because he will talk. Yikes doesn’t anybody study history anymore. So gold is off almost 2%, silver 3% and platinum 1%. The ratios are over 66 to 1 silver versus gold and 1.1 to one platinum to gold. We are seeing very good physical demand for silver but the electronic trading does not agree! The silver dollar market remains strong with the 1893-S in MS63 up 10%. The trio of 1878, 1885 and 1890 Carson City issues are also up in MS63. There is at least one active buyer searching for DMPL 1904-S dollars as well. 1934 and 1934-D Peace dollars are up about 10% in EF40 and AU50. In later date issues the 1995-W proof Silver Eagle is up now at $4450 with several strong buyers at current wholesale levels. Proof sets and mint sets remain reasonably strong with no apparent effect of lower silver prices on those sets usually affected by the metals decline. The 1970-S SD proof set has gained over $10 recently and the 2012-S set is strongly over $200. Often at this time of year (tax time) you will see dealer’s liquidation of mint product both for cash flow and the approach of summer. So far that is not the case. The reason dealers liquidate mint product is that it is considered easily replaceable should the need arise, and it generally comes in when general collections are liquidated.

T o read more of Harry's commentary click here to visit Numismaster.com.

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