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May 2014 Sampler (#284) Available

Our May 2014 Sampler (#284) is now available and on our website for viewing.

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2014 Presidential Dollars

Warren G. Harding 2014 Presidential dollars are now available. Single coins are $1.95 and rolls (25) $39.95. Presidential Dollars can be reached by clicking "US COINS" and then "PRESIDENTIAL DOLLARS."

2014 National Parks Quarters

Great Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park (Tennessee), the first of the 2014 P&D National Parks Quarters is now available. National Parks Quarters can be found by clicking on "US COINS" followed by clicking on "NATIONAL PARKS QUARTERS".

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August Coin Market Commentary

The recent Baltimore show was very successful with what seemed like better than normal attendance for a summer event, Saturday attendance by the general public was particularly brisk and their wants were across the numismatic spectrum. The summer FUN Show is in progress as I write this and initial reports are good. The FUN Show should get an obvious boost from precious metals which are trading at their highest levels of the year. There is plenty of geopolitical tension and financial news supporting these safe haven investments. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal indicated that Asia’s Central Banks now have $7.47 trillion in foreign currency reserves. That is a mind boggling number. Imagine if they put 1% into gold reserves. That would be 1,731 tonnes or 55,663,189 ounces or imagine if it were in silver at a ratio of 63:1. The coin market is quite healthy with super rarities leading the way north. Silver dollars of all types are in good demand. Barber half dollars have just reached new higher levels in F12 after gaining nicely in VF20 and all lower mint state grades earlier this year. Early copper issues remain strong with pre 1800 issues increasing dramatically in recent weeks and especially in higher grades. Flying Eagle and Indian cents are firm with noticeable increases in higher grade issues from 1857 to 1872. Lincoln cents are somewhat quiet while working off some of the excess gains from the 100th anniversary promotions. Two cent and Three cent issues are steady with many willing to pay strongly for the illusive scarce dates that are attractive for the grade. Liberty Nickels are firm with some continued price gains and Buffalo nickels remain steady but with strong demand for nice mint state issues. Barber coinage in general is firm and scarce dates are very popular. Washington Quarters seem to have some renewed interest after being overly promoted on the back of the Statehood Quarter program. Mercury Dimes and Walking Liberty Half Dollars remain very popular as well. Early dates in both series are in especially strong demand above VF20. The 1921 issues of both series are continually asked for at shows and are on most dealers and collectors wantlists. The only coin that is weak in either series is the 1938-D Walker in G4 to VF30 as these were over-promoted several years ago, although prices have come down to more reasonable level and are nearing equilibrium. Silver, Gold and Platinum Eagles continue to gain in popularity as they easily collected and available in high grades. Although mintages are generally ample their popularity has created several illusive sleepers with each series. The fractional gold issues contain the most obvious of these. USA Gold issues are showing some increased premiums on generic issues and because of recent market stability buy/sell spreads have narrowed.

Weekly Coin Market Commentary

Well precious metals are under pressure this week. Overnight gold tested the $1294 support level and thus far has held and is down less than ˝% from last time. Platinum is down a full percent but silver is holding up a nickel so far. Near term I am not optimistic about the prices. When you think about the troubles in Gaza and the Ukraine you really have to wonder why. Very recent statistics from China show a 10 to 20% decline in various forms of demand for precious metals, mostly from investors. Now we all know that most of this is rarely accurately verifiable but it is an indication and some will say it is a government ploy to talk down the prices for further central bank accumulation. I think it is a combination of both and only time will tell. China is now the world’s largest consumer of precious metals and the largest producer of gold. It is a little less than two weeks before the Annual ANA World’s Fair of Money and while business is steady the wholesale markets (bids/asks) seem unusually quiet. In the past I have noted increased bids for DMPL Morgan Dollars, Early type coins and key type gold and silver issues. This year they are steady but there is no apparent extra hype? Perhaps the market is more concerned about geo-political issues that normal. AU Peace Dollars are being sought by the bag (1000) by one serious buyer and the 1934-S dollar has ready buyers in any grade above AU55. A few MS66-67 issues are also showing increases. In the Morgan issues the 1883-S is leading about half a dozen others higher, while the 1880 and 1881 Carson City issues drift a little lower. Proof and mint sets are in the summer doldrums with a dozen of more common issues drifting lower also.

T o read more of Harry's commentary click here to visit Numismaster.com.

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